Other events and announcements

Beatrice Warde Memorial Lecture: The Counter Press

The St Bride Foundation have announced this year’s Beatrice Warde Memorial Lecture. Elizabeth Ellis and David Marshall will talk about their founding of The Counter Press, a London-based design studio and letterpress workshop. The lecture will take place at St Bride at 7 pm on Thursday, 2 November 2017. For further information and to purchase tickets, visit the event page on the St Bride Foundation website.

Bibliographical Society - lecture by Roger Gaskell; and Gold Medal award to James Mosley

The Bibliographical Society has announced a lecture by Roger Gaskell, entitled ‘Principia Xylographica: the scientific woodcut and the discovery of blocks for Newton’s Principia Mathematica’, to be held at the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, London, on Tuesday, 21 November 2017, starting at 5 pm. The paper will trace the essential role of the woodcut in the history of scientific communication from 1472 to 1770, and will detail the discovery at Trinity College, Cambridge, of blocks cut for the 1713 Cambridge edition of Newton’s Principia. For further information see the Bibliographical Society’s Events page.

The lecture will be preceded by a ceremony to award the Society’s prestigious Gold Medal to Professor James Mosley, a founder member of the Printing Historical Society, whose scholarly works were celebrated in 2015 in Journal of the Printing Historical Society No 23, on the occasion of his eightieth birthday.

Script, print and letterforms in global contexts: the visual and the material

The Centre for Printing History & Culture has announced a conference entitled ‘Script, print and letterforms in global contexts: the visual and the material’, to be held at Birmingham City University on 28–29 June 2018. A Call for Papers has been issued.

The conference will explore the plurality of engagements with, and interpretations of the printed and written word in various writing systems and artefacts; whether handwritten, lithographed, typographically printed, or digitally conjured. Papers are invited from both scholars and practitioners in the fields of history, book history, printing history, type design, typographic history and design, print, manuscript and material culture.

The deadline for proposals is 15 November 2017. Further information is available on the CPHC website.

The Brothers Dalziel and The Camden Press: a talk at St Bride, 7 pm on 24 November 2017

Douglas Downing’s talk at the St Bride Institute, London, entitled Pictures in the Fire, or: Great Uncle George Dalziel, discovering a long lost family history is a culmination of eleven years of research into the history of the Brothers Dalziel, their family background in Northumbria in the early 19th Century and their highly successful engraving workshop, The Camden Press, active for over sixty years.

For further details and to book tickets online, visit the event page on the St Bride website.

Baskerville Society Small Grant Scheme 2017

The Baskerville Society has announced the launch of a new small grant scheme. Applications are invited from scholars, independent or affiliated, who are either engaged in research connected to the printer and typefounder John Baskerville (1706–75), or whose work covers printing history or print culture of eighteenth century England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France.

The scheme will offer grants of up to a maximum of £250 for immediate research needs such as, but not limited to, permissions for images; travelling and subsistence expenses to libraries or archives; costs of attending conferences relevant to your research, especially if you are giving a paper.

Applicant should apply in writing and include the following:

  • Contact details Name, address, email address and telephone number;
  • Affiliation Related institution if appropriate, and level of study; please indicate if you are an independent scholar
  • Conference attendance / archival research / researcher mobility What is the activity you would like to have funded; please provide dates and venues
  • Purpose of the activity & what will you gain If you are presenting at a conference, what is the title of the paper and what will you gain from the presentation? If you are visiting an archive, what will you gain from the visit?
  • Costs Conference fees, archive fees, travel expenses, accommodation. (If the application represents a contribution to a larger project, then please supply a breakdown of the total costs involved, together with other sources of income either sought or already received.)
  • Amount requested How much are you asking from the Baskerville Society?

Deadline 30 September 2017.

Notification Grants awarded will be announced in the autumn at the launch of John Baskerville: art and industry in the enlightenment, published by Liverpool University Press.

Applications should be sent by email as a Word document to: Professor Caroline Archer-Parre (caroline.archer@bcu.ac.uk)

ECR Training Day: Using historical matrices and printing surfaces in research

The Institute of English Studies at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, has announced a training day for early career researchers (ECRs) entitled ‘Using historical matrices and printing surfaces in research’, to be held at the Senate House, London, on 1 December 2017. The training day will be convened by Dr Elizabeth Savage of the Institute of English Studies, and facilitated by Giles Bergel (Oxford) and Roger Gaskell (Roger Gaskell Rare Books).

This free, hands-on, object-based training day will introduce 10 ECRs to the research of historical matrices/printing surfaces (e.g. cut woodblocks, etched metal plates, litho stones). The emphasis is pre-1830. By analysing the objects and resulting impressions, participants will learn how to describe them; identify how they were made, used and copied; relate them to printed content; and use them as primary material in their own research. The interdisciplinary remit includes text and image, as well as decorations, initials, medicine, music, mathematical symbols, scientific imagery, and more. This event is the first application of a new research framework, which will later be published open access. Participants will learn new research skills and, through their feedback, help shape the future of research in fields related to print heritage.

Registration is free, lunch and a wine reception are provided, and transport is reimbursable up to £50. Participants must be current PhD students or have taken their PhD fewer than 10 years ago (i.e., in or after 2007). Apply online (deadline 1 September 2017) at tinyurl.com/ECRmatrices.

Events at the Centre for Printing History and Culture

The Centre for Printing History and Culture has announced a series of events for 2017, including:

  • CPHC Annual Symposium (Friday 30 June 2017, 2 pm–7 pm) – The Symposium will look at the question: what constitutes printing history and what is print culture?
  • Print Networks Conference (Friday 31 July 2017, 9 am–5 pm) – The theme of the conference will be ‘Print, politics and publishing: the role of the provincial press’

For further information, following the links above to specific event pages on the CPHC website.

The History of Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press have announced the publication, in three volumes, of The History of Oxford University Press, spanning the period from its beginnings in the fifteenth century until 1970. Written by almost fifty contributors, experts in their fields of history, publishing and printing, the three volumes draw exclusively on material in the archives of Oxford University Press and the University of Oxford.

The three volumes are:

  • Volume I: Beginnings to 1780 – Edited by Ian Gadd
    (ISBN: 978-0-19-955731-8)
  • Volume II: 1780–1896 – Edited by Simon Eliot
    (ISBN: 978-0-19-954315-1)
  • Volume III: 1896–1970 – Edited by Wm. Roger Louis
    (ISBN: 978-0-19-956840-6)

The three volumes may be purchased either singly for £100 each or as a set for £250 (ISBN: 978-0-19-870279-5). Members of the Printing Historical Society may take advantage of a 20 percent discount on the advertised prices. For details please contact the Hon. Secretary.

For further information see the publication website.