Printing for the workplace: industrial and business publishing - programme announced

The Centre for Print History & Culture has announced the programme for the conference ‘Printing for the workplace: industrial and business publishing’, to be held at Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales on 12 July 2018. For further details see our Other events and announcements page.

Iain Bain

It is with sadness that we must record the death of the Society’s Life President, Iain Bain, on 20 April 2018, at the age of 84. While he later became a distinguished publisher, art historian and printing historian, in his youth Iain Bain was an accomplished athlete and in the 1950s was three times the Scottish hammer-throwing champion. After university (St Edmund Hall, Oxford), he joined Unwin Brothers in Woking, before joining Bodley Head as production manager. From 1972 to his retirement in 1994 he was head of publishing at the Tate Gallery. He wrote extensively about the history of copperplate printing and was the acknowledged world authority on the woodblock printing of Thomas Bewick. He was President of the Bewick Society, President of the Private Libraries Association and Vice-President of the London Topographical Society.

The Society's Privacy Policy

The Society has issued a Privacy Policy on the use of personal data that it holds and uses to serve its members and other customers.

CPHC conference: Women in print: production, distribution and consumption

The Centre for Printing History & Culture has announced a conference entitled ‘Women in print: production, distribution and consumption’, to be held at Winterbourne House, Birmingham, England, 13–14 September 2018. For further information see the Other events and announcements page.

The Society's website: an apology...

We’d like to apologise to anyone affected by problems using the Society’s website, especially the online membership application and publication order forms. A succession of changes to web servers have been made over a period of several months over which we have had no control, resulting in lack of response or error messages when forms have been submitted. At present both forms appear to be working, but we will be keeping a close eye on this over the coming months. If submission of a form appears to be unresponsive or results in an error message on your screen, please contact us.

Printing Colour 1700-1830: call for contributions

A call for contributions of chapters for a peer-reviewed book Printing Colour 1700–1830: Histories, Techniques, Functions and Receptions has been announced. For further details see Other events and announcements.

Ken Brooks

We are sad to record the death of Kenneth Brooks, a long-standing member of the Society and its Treasurer for many years until 2010. An appreciation of Ken Brooks is expected to be included in the Summer 2018 issue (No 59) of Printing History News.

Printing History News 58

Printing History News 58 was issued in April 2018. See the Publications page for further information.

2018 Justin Howes Memorial Lecture

The 2018 Justin Howes Memorial Lecture will be presented by Indra Kupferschmid, freelance typographer and professor at the University of Arts, Saarbrücken, Germany. The event will take place at the St Bride Foundation, London, on Thursday 26 April, 7–8 pm. For further information visit the event page on the St Bride Foundation website.

CPHC conference: Letterpress printing: past, present, future

The Centre for Printing History & Culture has issued a call for papers for a conference entitled ‘Letterpress printing: past, present, future’, to be held at the University of Leeds, 19–20 July 2018. For further information see the Other events and announcements page.

Good home needed for four German collotype presses

The AEPM reports (January 2018) that four collotype presses, built by Faber & Schliecher in Offenbach between 1897 and 1907 and currently held in a former printing house in Dresden, are in danger of being scrapped. Anyone interested in helping to preserve any or all of these unique presses should contact Dr Michael Streetz by email. For photos of the presses see the news item on the AEPM website.

AEPM 2018 annual conference announced

The Association of European Printing Museums has announced its annual conference for 2018, to be held in Madrid, 24–26 May. The theme for the conference is “After printing: bookbinding as cultural heritage”. For further details see Other events and announcements.

Journal New Series 27 published

Issue number 27 of the Society’s Journal was published in January 2018. The issue contains articles by Paul Nash and R.B. Williams. See the Publications for further information.

Printing History News 57

Printing History News 57 was issued in January 2018. See the Publications page for further information.

St Bride Library open to the public on first and third Wednesdays of the month

The St Bride Library is open from 12 noon to 8 pm every first and third Wednesday of the month. Use of the Reading Room and the 2,000 books it contains is free, but a small charge will be made to retrieve items from closed collections and to photograph or photocopy items. For further details visit the St Bride Library web page.

Baskerville in France - Conference announcement and call for papers

L’École supérieure d’art et de design d’Amiens (ESAD) and the Centre for Printing History & Culture (CPHC) are jointly organising a conference entitled ‘Baskerville in France’, to be held in Amiens on 18 & 19 October 2018. For further details of the conference and the call for papers, see Other events and announcements.

Script, print and letterforms in global contexts - Call for Papers

The Centre for Print History & Culture has announced and issued a Call for Papers for a conference entitled ‘Script, print and letterforms in global contexts: the visual and the material’, to be held at Birmingham City University University, 28–29 June 2018. For further details see our Other events and announcements page.

St Bride Library catalogue searchable online

The St Bride Library catalogue is now searchable online. The catalogue, now entirely separate from the Guildhall Library catalogue of which it used to be a part, can be reached at this web address.

Music Printing History website

An interesting and potentially useful online museum of Music Printing History has been launched. Unfortunately, the current content includes many errors and misleading statements. Printing historians are encouraged to review its contents and submit suggestions for improvements to the museum’s founder, Rosendo Reyna.

Centre for Printing History and Culture

In 2015 Birmingham City University and the University of Birmingham, UK, jointly launched the Centre for Printing History and Culture (CPHC), to encourage research into all aspects and periods of printing history and culture, as well as education and training into the art and practice of printing. As well as collaborating with the Society on joint events, such as the conference on twentieth century printing history in Dublin, March 2017, CPHC organises regular events of its own, details of several of which are posted on our Other events and announcements page. Further information about the CPHC may be found on their website.

History of chromolithography - copies still available for purchase

In 2013 the British Library and Oak Knoll Press, in association with the Printing Historical Society, published A history of chromolithography: printed colour for all by Michael Twyman. This important book has become a standard reference work on the subject. Copies of this book may still be purchased from the Printing Historical Society at a price of £75 for non-members and £40 for non-members (excluding delivery). For further details see the Publications page.

John Phillips's lithographic notebook

A facsimile of John Phillips’s lithographic notebook, with a learned transcription and commentary by Michael Twyman, was published in December 2016 by the Society. See our Publications page for further information.

Order our publications online

You can now use an online order form to order back-issues of the Society's Journal and other publications that we have in stock. You can, of course, still place orders by contacting our Publications Officer by email. For further information on publications that are available for sale, see our Publications page.

Past issues of PHN available online

The Society is beginning to make past issues of Printing History News available for free download in PDF format, starting with the most recent issues. See the Publications page for more information and for links to the online versions.

Apply for membership online

A revised membership application form has been uploaded to the PHS website and is available both for download in PDF format and for use online. Visit our 'Join us' web page.