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If you do not wish to use the form below, a PDF version of the form is available for download here, in which case you will need to print out the membership application form, complete it by hand and mail it to us at the postal address provided on the form.

In the form below please provide at least your name, your postal address and your email address. You must also specify a payment method.

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I would like all donations made to the Society to be treated as GiftAid donations. I confirm that I have paid income tax and/or capital gains tax equal to the tax deducted from these donations.
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Overseas members are encouraged to pay via PayPal, by debit or credit card, or by Sterling BACS / internet transfer to our UK bank account as follows:

Royal Bank of Scotland

Account number 12111882

Sort code 16-19-15


IBAN GB17 RBOS 1619 1512 1118 82


(Important – If paying by BACS / internet transfer, please quote your name as the reference.)

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If paying by cheque in a currency other than Sterling, please add the equivalent of £10 as a contribution to UK bank collection charges. In some cases it may be impossible to collect, in which case we would need to contact you to arrange an alternative method of payment.