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To use the online membership renewal form to indicate that you wish to renew your membership of the Society for the year 2020, please click here.

Membership application form

Our membership application form is currently only available both online and as a PDF file for printing out and completing by hand.

To use the online version please click here. We apologise that some on-going technical issues with the submission of the publications order form may mean that you get a blank response from our website. If this happens to you, please be assured that a blank response (as opposed to some kind of error message) almost certainly means that your application submission will be received by us, but do try again if you are unsure.

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Joining the Society

The Printing Historical Society welcomes new members at all times. Membership brings the Journal and PHN (Printing History News), which is published in conjunction with the Friends of St Bride Library, and the NPHT (National Printing Heritage Trust). Students may join at a reduced rate.