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October 31, 2018

The Society

Founded in London in 1964, The Printing Historical Society now has individual and institutional members worldwide. Still fully committed to its original aims, the Society fosters interest in the history of printing and encourages both the study and the preservation of printing machinery, records, and equipment of historical value.

Representing all aspects of the printing arts and industry, members include printers, graphic designers, typographers, publishers, librarians, collectors, booksellers, and historians of all relevant fields. In pursuit of its aims, the Society holds meetings and arranges occasional lectures and, since its inception, has produced a series of publications which are available to members at particularly favourable terms.

The Society's Journal, issued twice annually maintains a high standard of scholarship and distinction in production, publishing the results of original research in the history of printing, including the histories of the machinery and equipment, of the industry and its personnel, of the printing processes, and of the design of its artefacts (books, newspapers, journals, fine prints, and ephemera). Members receive the Journal as part of their subscription, which now incorporates the Bulletin, containing book reviews. Notices and reports of meetings and other activities of interest to members are reported in the newsletter PHN.

The Printing Historical Society is a non-profit organisation and is registered with the UK Charities Commission (Registered No. 295885).

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