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July 04, 2018

Grants awarded in past years

The Society awarded the following grants in years prior to 2018:

£900 to Sara Barker, for research into pamphlet copying in sixteenth-century France and the Low Countries;
£900 to Karina de la Garza-Gil, for research into printing practice and technology in Cologne, 1465–1501;
£900 to Stijn van Rossem, for research into the printing house practices of the Verdussen family of Antwerp.

£1,000 to Drew Thomas for research on printing for the Reformation in Martin Luther’s Wittenberg;
£550 to Vaibhav Singh for research on the introduction of mechanical typesetting in Indian scripts in the 1920s and 1930s;
£415 to Benito Rial Costas for research on the breviaries and missals printed by Christopher Plantin for the Spanish crown.

£1,000 to Louise Seaward for research into the international reach of the print trade and the relationship between printers and local authorities in eighteenth century Savoy;
£760 to Paul Dijstelberge for purchase of equipment to support the creation of an online photographic database of fifteenth century type faces; some results of this work can be found on Flickr and here.
£310 to Michael Kniess for reserach into the trade in type between Britain and the United States in the latter half of the nineteenth century;
£930 to Charles Lubelski for research into the history of the printing firm Percy Lund Humphries.

£650 to Teresa Breathnach for research into printing on board ships;
£350 to Emma Greenwood for research into wills and testaments of printing families in the period 1750–1850;
£750 to Helen Ingham for research into the wrestling poster in Great Britain from the 1940s to the 1980s;
£750 to Mei-Ying Sung for work on the Huntington Library woodblock collection;
£500 to Helen Williams for researching the minute books of the 19th-century typographical associations of Dumfries and Perth.

£1,000 to James Clough for analysis of types attributed to Francesco Griffo;
£700 to Vaibhav Singh for research into the typesetting of Devanagari by British compositors, 1796–1896;
£600 to Rebecca Emmett for research into the relocation of the printer Robert Waldegrave to Scotland, 1589–90.

Posted by Francis Cave at July 4, 2018 11:28 AM